Our Story



Hello! My name is Kimberly Tran and I'm the shop owner of Wiggle Paws Co.. A little background information, I grew up loving animals and had all sorts of pets from hamsters, fish, birds, to cats. But when my family got our first dog, I knew dogs had a special place in my heart. My first pup was our family rescue name Kiki. She taught me patience, love, and kindness. She is now living her days out with my parents and will forever be known as my first furry best friend.

I now have my own pup after moving out and his name is Jasper. We call him velcro dog because he follows you anywhere you go. He loves loves loves toys, car rides, ice cubes and learning new tricks. As with any dog mom, I was obsessed with finding Jasper the best accessories and training supplies. During my search for the best products, sometimes I could never find ones I loved that were cute, durable and stylish. I remembered trying to find a cute training pouch that matched my style but never found "the" one. This got me thinking and inspired me to combine my love for dogs with my passion for finding the most trendy and cute products to open up Wiggle Paws Co.. 

Our Products 


At Wiggle Paws Co., we believe you and your fur babies deserve cute, durable, and of course stylish products. We want to keep you and your pups comfortable and looking your finest whether that be during training sessions, walks, playtime and adventures! A little fun fact, all our products are named after a furry friend we know :)

Do you love taking photos of your furbabies? 


If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, tag @wigglepawsco or #wigglepawsco in your photos/posts wearing our pouches for a chance to be featured. We would love to see you and your pets rocking and enjoying our products!